(All schools) must develop important intellectual capacities like logical thinking, judgment, art appreciation, creative ability, as well as physical fitness.
Albert Einstein, Physicist
To reach its goals, the Honolulu Waldorf School relies upon the support and involvement of our entire community-- board members, faculty and staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, friends, and community members--through a coordinated series of fundraising activities. Every contributor is an important stakeholder in this unique community that nurtures our children so completely. Your philanthropic participation is essential to making a difference in the life of a child!

HWS Annual Giving Fund
The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is HWS's most important fundraising activity of the year and is an essential part of the school’s operating budget. Our annual budget is comprised of a blend of tuition income and your philanthropic support. Together, these funds support the current operations and essential needs of the school. The Annual Fund drive is an appeal to all members of our community to make tax-deductible contributions that help ensure the best possible education for our children. These gifts improve the daily lives of students and faculty members.

Our goal this year is to raise $80,000 and to achieve 100% participation. Every gift is appreciated!

Please contact the Director of Development for more information.


Special Projects and Directed Gifts

Gifts may be directed to a specific area according to donor interest and the school’s need. Please contact our Director of Development at 808-792-4544, to discuss how your gift can help.

Capital Campaign

HWS is continuing its fundraising efforts to renovate the performance hall at our Makai Campus, while also working to create the Eli Witt Memorial playground at our Niu Campus. For further information on how you can support the campaign, "Education for a Better World," please call our Director of Development at 808-792-4554.


HWS seeks to build our endowed funds to provide a steady stream of income in support of the school, allowing for your donation to have an impact over a longer period of time.

Tuition Assistance

While the primary financial responsibility of each student's education falls to the family of each student, we recognize that financing an independent school education is difficult for some families. Many parents choose Waldorf for its unique curriculum and nurturing environment, and will go to great lengths and make sacrifices to provide that education for their children. We are committed to helping these families afford this choice. Your support of the Tuition Assistance Program through the Annual Fund can help make a child’s education possible.


Waldorfaire Earth & Arts, features earth-friendly fun for the whole family! The focus of the fair is sustainability, supporting our community, and showcasing the beautiful art of the students. Waldorfaire shares much of what is unique about Waldorf education, and proceeds support education programs at the school. Participants enjoy games and activities, live entertainment, handcrafted artisan gifts, and a variety of locally-sourced, farm-fresh foods.


Tastes and Treasures and Silent Auction

Tastes and Treasures is an annual gala and fundraising event. The Silent Auction is an integral part of Tastes and Treasures, providing opportunities for guests to support the school through purchasing items, and for businesses to be recognized publicly when they donate in-kind items to the auction. This annual event is held in the Spring.


Our school community is amazingly rich in the diversity of backgrounds and talents found among our parent body. Everyone has gifts to offer: for some it may be time and energy; for others it is expertise in a given field or professional resources. All forms of contribution from within the school community are vital to our long-term growth.

For more information on how you can give back to Honolulu Waldorf School, please contact our Director of Development at 808-792-4554.

Ways to Give
The Honolulu Waldorf School offers many ways to make an annual gift.

Call 808-792-4554, or mail your tax deductible contribution to:

Honolulu Waldorf School
Development Office
5257 Kalanianaole Highway
Honolulu, HI 96821

Donate Now!


Many people choose to make pledges in monthly or quarterly installments, by check or by credit card, until June 30, the end of the school’s fiscal year. It’s easy to spread your gift out over time when you elect to pay by credit card. If you wish to have your credit card charged monthly or in quarterly installments, please contact the Development Office at 808-792-4554.


Make a gift of appreciated securities – a terrific way to support the Annual Fund that also provides donors with significant tax benefits. Please contact the Development Office at 808-792-4554 for specific instructions.

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is our on-campus school store that is committed to providing craft and art supplies, school T-shirts, and an assortment of high quality, eco-friendly, unique, and locally handmade items that support Waldorf education. Volunteer parents help manage the store with all proceeds benefitting Honolulu Waldorf School.

Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays
7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.


Matching Gifts

Many companies offer programs whereby charitable gifts by an employee (or members of his/her family) are matched by the employer. If your employer matches gifts to educational institutions, simply ask for its matching gift form and submit it with your contribution. Please contact the Development Office at 808-792-4554.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

HWS welcomes gifts in memory of or in honor of a student, teacher, staff member, beloved family member, or friend. This is a thoughtful way to honor a person’s life or acknowledge a specific accomplishment. Memorial and Tribute gifts will be recognized in our Annual Giving Report. Please contact the Development Office at 808-792-4554.

Planned Gifts

There are many ways to include HWS as a beneficiary in your estate planning. Planned gifts will be directed according to the donor’s interests and wishes. Those who have notified the HWS Development Office of a planned gift will be recognized in the Annual Giving Report unless otherwise specified. Please contact the Development Office at 808-792-4554.