International Program

The Honolulu Waldorf School ‘ohana, comprised of families from different countries, cultures and languages reflects the diversity of the local community. Through the study of fables, myths and history from around the world and school-wide festivals celebrating events and holidays from other cultures, students develop a sense of global consciousness and connectedness. Exchanges with students from other Waldorf High Schools are encouraged with students in Grade 10 or first semester of Grade 11. Exchanges foster global connections for all Honolulu Waldorf High School students and allow our students the opportunity to enhance their foreign language skills, immerse themselves in another culture, and develop their sense of independence. We also welcome students from around the world to experience Honolulu Waldorf High School through the Foreign Study Program. Connections are fostered for our current students and exchanges with other Waldorf High Schools are encouraged during Grade 10 or first semester of Grade 11 thus allowing our students to experience different cultures and languages while developing a global consciousness and tolerance, as well as learning to be independent.

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